Gift guide for vinyl lovers

The Ultimate Guide for Gift Ideas for Vinyl Record Lovers - 2023

Ultimate gift guide for vinyl lovers

The Ultimate Guide for Gift Ideas for Vinyl Record Lovers - 2023

Whether they're seasoned collectors or new vinyl fanatics, music lovers always appreciate gifts that enhance their listening experience. 

With the resurgence of vinyl, chances are you know someone who's passionate about records. If you're searching for the ideal gift, you've come to the right place. We can help you find the perfect vinyl record gifts for music enthusiasts through our vinyl record gift guide!

From unique finds to modern essentials, these ideas are sure to delight your vinyl-loving friends and family. Let's explore the best vinyl record gift ideas that go beyond the vinyl itself. 

Ready? Let's check it out!  

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Vinyl Record Shaped Mug

Vinyl Record Shaped Mug

Coffee and Vinyl? Yes Please!  This funky vinyl mug from Gift Republic will add a bit of retro styling to your morning Coffee! Great for the music lover or vinyl record collector in your life.
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Vinyl Record Dividers A-Z

These vinyl record dividers are a must to keep your record collection organized! They are made out of solid wood and are strong and durable. They won't warp over time! As a bonus, a 'Now Playing' board is included to mark the spot of the record that is currently playing.  
Available Here


Boundless 2 piece vinyl record cleaning kit

Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Kit - 2-Piece

Boundless is one of the best vinyl care lines we have seen!  Their vinyl Record Cleaning Kit Includes Vinyl Record Brush & Stylus Cleaner includes a Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Vinyl Brush & Stylus Brush. Safely and effectively remove static, dust and dirt from your vinyl and needle. With no liquids or messy gels required, this record cleaning kit is a simple pre-play vinyl cleaner to maximize sound quality.
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Vinyl Record Bookends

Vinyl Record Bookends 

VinBee Retro gives us these groovy vinyl record bookends for shelves which present in a classic record shape. Improve your bookshelf with these decorative book ends with a fun Music Theme!
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Funny Socks for gifts Vinyl Record Vinyl Snob socks

Funny Music Socks Gifts for Men and Women Vinyl Record Music Snob

Just ask any music lover or someone who's into collecting records – there's nothing quite like kicking back with your all-time favorite album, throwing your feet up, and proudly letting the world know you're a vinyl aficionado. These Vinyl Lover socks sport a cool design with colorful records in a classic polka dot style, perfect for your everyday activities. And if you look at the bottom, you'll find a cheeky message any self-respecting audiophile can relate to “VINYL SNOB”.

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Now Playing Vinyl Record Holder - for wall mount or tabletop

Showcase your favorite album that is currently playing with our Now Playing record stand! It can be used mounted on the wall, or siting on the tabletop. I designed this myself so that it works for everyone no matter what your vinyl set up is. Each now playing record stand is handcrafted with high-density wood decked out in a premium black and white painted design.
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Vinyl retro coasters

Funny Retro Record Coasters for Drinks

Protect your tables in style with these durable and heat-insulating vinyl record coasters. Crafted with a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom, they ensure your table stays safe and secure while adding a fun and creative touch to your space. A perfect gift for music lovers, these retro-themed coasters come in a stylish gift box, making every detail look cute and cool.
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Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand

With our own custom designed Now Playing Vinyl Record Holder you can proudly display your album cover that is currently playing. Elevating your record player accessories. Get ready to vibe with our super groovy now playing vinyl record stand! Each now playing record stand is handcrafted with high-density wood decked out in a premium black and white painted design, ensuring maximum durability and preserving those precious music memories
Available Here


Vinyl Junkie Record Shop Light Up Sign

Vinyl Junkie Light up sign 
Introduce a touch of vintage charm to your space with Bay Berk's Vinyl Junkie sign, complete with energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Whether it's your bedroom, bar, living room, or man cave, this sign's retro style will elevate your decor. With battery operation, easy installation, and the option to hang it or place it on a table, it's a hassle-free way to add a nostalgic vibe to any room.
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Turntable Stabilizer Phono LP Record Weight, Gold

Turntable Record Stabilizer in Gold

Elevate your vinyl listening experience with the Viborg HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer. This audiophile essential not only enhances your music's sound quality but also prevents harmonic vibrations and ensures a stable spin for smoother playback. It's the perfect tool for clamping warped records flat and improving bass detail, high-frequency ambient detail, and bass extension. By using this record stabilizer, you can transform your vinyl records into a crystal-clear audio paradise, where every note and nuance is brought to life.  
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VInyl Record wall shelf

Vinyl Record Wooden Wall Mount

Looking for a way to display your album collection on the wall? These stylish floating shelves provide a unique solution for displaying your album covers, LP collection, or CD display. Crafted from durable pine wood, this vinyl wall holder adds a touch of unique wall decor. They come in a pack of 6 and have a really nice walnut stain finish. 

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Custom record frame

Customized and Personalized Record Song Frame

Customized and Personalized H-DEWALL Customized Canvas With Frame, Gifts For Boyfriend, Perfect Song Chords For Couple, One Year Anniversary, Personalized Music Poster, Ideal Couples Gifts For Him, Unique Photo For Home

Being able to give a personalized custom gift really can set your gift giving abilities apart from all the rest!  Go ahead and elevate your gifting with H-DEWALL’s handmade in the USA personalized canvas prints. These unique canvases feature your favorite song lyrics which serve as a heartfelt reminder of cherished memories. Crafted on 100% natural white cotton canvas with sturdy wooden frames, these offer top-notch quality, and their easy-to-hang design makes them the perfect decorative addition to any living space, turning dull walls into personalized works of art.
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Vinyl record Socks Gifts for vinyl record lovers

Sometimes we just can't get enough of those silly socks! 

My husband is a big fan of silly socks! He has a drawer FULL of them!  These will for sure be under the tree for him this year! (Shhhhh don't tell him I said that).  The ThisWear Music Lover Vinyl Record socks are a must!  
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Star Wars Vinyl Record Frame Clock

Star Wars inspired Vinyl Record Cut Out Clock

When you combine vinyl and Star Wars - you are sure to have a huge hit in my house.  This Star Wars themed clock made from Vinyl Record offers color LED luminous wall style with its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. 
Available on Amazon 


Now Playing Vinyl Record Holder wall mount

Stainless Steel Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand 

This stainless steel record stand offers a stylish solution to showcase your vinyl records with a vintage touch.  it serves as both an elegant reminder to "Spin Your Daily Rhythm" and a thoughtful gift for vinyl record enthusiasts.
Available on Amazon

Turntable Cheese Tray

Turntable Cheese Board
Throwing a dinner party? Here's our tip for setting the mood: good tunes and tasty hors d'oeuvres. This rockin' serving board puts a new spin on presenting your favorite cheeses. Designed to look like a record player, the turntable is actually a slate platter. Lift the "needle" and you'll find a hidden cheese slicer. It’s sure to be a hit. 
Available here


Vinyl Record Clock

Music Vinyl Clock 

Give the gift of time with this unique Vinyl Record Player themed clock, perfect for music lovers of all ages. Crafted with care in Europe, these handmade clocks are made from recycled vinyl records, preserving their history and promoting environmental sustainability. Whether it's for a music studio, nursery, living room, or office, this wall clock adds a cool and trendy touch to any interior design.
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Custom Vinyl Record Print

Personalized Record Print

I say that personalized vinyl record theme gifts are the best!  Check out this personalized record print record Song Lyrics Frame.
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Boundless 5 piece vinyl record cleaning kit

Boundless Premium 5 piece record cleaning kit

Keep those records clean!!  This 5 piece kit includes a velvet record brush, 2oz alcohol-free cleaning solution, carbon fiber stylus brush, cleaning brush and sleek metal case. The simple and safe way to remove dirt, dust, grime and fingerprints from your vinyl
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Vinyl Record Player Bluetooth Vintage 3-Speed Portable Suitcase Turntables

Suitcase Style Record Player with Bluetooth 

We recently surprised our teenage daughter with this fantastic vinyl record player that combines vintage charm with modern functionality. It's not just a record player; it's a versatile music hub, with built-in Bluetooth, AUX input, RCA line output, and even a headphone jack for private listening. The 3-speed turntable with auto-stop ensures a smooth listening experience, and its superior sound quality makes every track come to life. Plus, the ability to convert vinyl and AUX audio to digital files adds a contemporary twist to this retro-inspired suitcase-style design, making it the perfect addition to any home.
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Recycled Vinyl Record Bottle Opener

Recycled Vinyl Record Bottle Opener

Pop a bottle of your favorite brew, throw your favorite album on the player, and get the party going with these recycled record bottle openers. Each opener features a unique, vintage vinyl design from a real record label (from various time periods and artists) that is bonded to a sleek, sturdy, brushed stainless-steel base. Handmade by Jeff Davis in Philadelphia, it's a wonderful addition to any music enthusiast or beer lover's bar.
Available Here


Vinyl record lover gift ideas flannel blanket

Flannel Blanket for Vinyl Record Lover 

Who doesn't love to curl up under a comfy blanket grooving to the tunes coming out of your record player?  I know we do! The Huglanket gifts for vinyl record lover, flannel blanket is a great gift idea. 
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Vertical Record Player - Gifts for Vinyl Enthusiasts

Vertical Vinyl Record Player

Well, this sure is an interesting way to play records!  The Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player will definitely make a unique gift.  Fuse Vert has a vintage style reminiscent of nostalgic Mid Century Modern design with a modern twist. This unique vertical record player's orientation turns your favorite records into a focal point. Show off your record collection in style while listening in with high-definition stereo output
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We hope you were able to find something for that special someone!  The vinyl community is such a unique world! So many pretty groovy things you can do and get for your vinyl loving friends! 

Happy shopping! 

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