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Adjustable Acacia Wood Bagel Slicer Holder

Adjustable Acacia Wood Bagel Slicer Holder

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Slice Bagels of All Sizes with our NEW

Adjustable Acacia Wood Bagel Slicer/Holder.

Meticulously designed for both elegance and superior functionality, our adjustable slicer stands out with its durable, high-quality wood construction.

UNIQUE ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The Adjustable Acacia Wood Bagel Holder comes with two adjustable wooden inserts that you can use for cutting small and large bagels. These two wooden inserts are easy to insert and will help to securely hold and position the bagel for ease of slicing. The inner dimensions of the bagel slicer with inserts are 1.5 inches and without inserts are 2.13 inches.

Enhanced with non-slip rubber feet, our slicer firmly grips your countertop, preventing any unwanted slipping. 

To Clean: Simply gently wipe with a damp cloth. 
Not Dishwasher Safe
To refresh the acacia wood, periodically gently apply a small amount of a food grade oil (vegetable oil) to a soft cloth/paper towel, and rub the wood to bring out the natural hue of the acacia wood

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